Leadership in The Trenches

Leadership in The Trenches

Most of the time a leader will always have to deal with tons of tasks that keep his day busy. However, being so busy will sometimes lead to a loss in connectivity with your team and that obviously can have some very bad results. What you have to do here is to find the best approach that will help you re-connect with your team and the best way to do that is to join them in the trenches.

Lots of leaders tend to forget that the way they became a leader in the first place was by fighting alongside other people in order to reach a common goal. A true, genuine leader always needs to remember where he came from and joining the others in the trenches will do a great job in this regard. In fact, it can bring in a great set of results, as follows!

You get empathy for the team

A good way to see how your company functions is to work alongside your team. A good example here is the Frontier Airlines CEO which took the role of a regular employee in order to see how well his company functions. He actually found out that the employees only had a few minutes to prepare the plane between 2 flights and they also had to manually load the luggage in the plane.

This type of approach is very important because you only get such information by joining your team. Sitting at your desk won’t help you become a better leader, joining in your team in the trenches will always do that.

You can better connect with everyone

One can see a business as a large machine with multiple moving parts. The idea here is that you need to have a well-oiled machine if you want it to work properly. It will not be easy to get a stellar outcome if you didn’t get some hands-on time with every piece of the puzzle. Interconnections can either make or break your company which is why joining in the trenches can be an amazing idea. This can offer you a much better understanding of what works and what doesn’t, information that you can apply to improve your business.

You get to have more expertise and knowledge

If you are the leader of a company that doesn’t necessarily mean you will be unable to learn more. On the contrary, a good and reliable leader will never back down and he will always try improve his knowledge. He will join in employees in order to see how they work and he will also learn more about each piece of the puzzle in his company. This includes legal matters, the supply chain, marketing, HR and so on.

Joining in the trenches will always bring in some amazing results. If you really want to become a great leader, you have to focus on the wellbeing of your team and joining them in the trenches can help you. Remember that only by connecting with your employees, understanding what they do and helping them reach their true potential will you be able to become a truly outstanding leader.

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